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Northpoint is a nonpublic school and intensive outpatient program for students, ages 6 through 18, with emotional and/or behavioral problems whose needs cannot be met in regular schools. Northpoint combines academic instruction and individual, group and family therapy with a broad spectrum of specialized services. The focus is on developing each student’s unique strengths and abilities, resolving specific difficulties re-integrating students into community schools and/or awarding them with a high school diploma.  For more information please contact Kathy LeBreton, Director of Admissions, at 818-993-9311.

Therapeutic Classrooms
Each classroom has a maximum of 12 students and is staffed by a head teacher, and two teaching assistants. Most classrooms have additional staff in the form of one to one aides, tutors, and/or volunteers. Two Classroom Behavioral Specialists move between classrooms assisting students in meeting their classroom behavioral goals. A Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, or a Marriage and Family Therapist serve as a classroom clinical consultant. Classrooms utilize a reward based, non-aversive behavior therapy/management system which is individualized for each student. Classrooms also utilize a reward based token economy/point system and a level system, both of which can be individualized for a specific student. Curriculum is individually designed, so that each student is able to work at his or her own appropriate grade level. Accommodations and utilization of the students’ strongest learning styles are incorporated into the instruction, whenever possible. In all of the classrooms the students are equipped with their own individual copies of the state and district approved textbooks, and every classroom is equipped with Smart Board technology.

Computer Lab
The computer lab, with its individual workstations and wide variety of educational software, is one of the ways students enhance their reading, spelling and math skills. Older students often have opportunities to learn more advanced computer skills in the Computer Lab.

Individual, Group and Family Treatment
The team develops following an assessment an individual treatment plan for every student and family. Students receive individual therapy, one to two times per week, group therapy one to two times per week, and family therapy weekly. Group therapy deals with a variety of topics, which include social skill training, anger management, rational decision-making and problem solving. Therapists are also available to go into the home to provide in-home services in special circumstances. Therapists are available on an as needed basis to assist students at any point during the school day. After hours, on call therapists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many students also receive individual DIS counseling services on a weekly basis.

Psychiatric Treatment
Psychiatrists provide psychiatric evaluations and follow-up assessments for psychotropic medication. The school’s psychiatrist is on site and available to meet with parents, students, teachers and children’s individual and family therapists on a regular basis. The psychiatrist also makes regular classroom observations.

Community Resource Services
Starting with an in-home assessment of strengths and needs, Family Advocates from our Community Resource Services investigate community resources and provide in-home services and referrals. Students 16 and older have the opportunity to participate in our “Workability” program.

Parenting Groups
Parenting Groups are offered to help parents understand what their child’s behavior is communicating. The groups also help caregivers to develop a positive repertoire of responses.

Northpoint School Wellness Policy (pdf)

Wellness Policy Committee Meeting 2.26.15 (pdf)

Wellness Policy Implementation  Assessment (pdf)

2015 eligibility letter to parents

application 1516

The next scheduled Northpoint Wellness Policy Review will be held on a quarterly basis.  Please contact Caroline Nersessian at if you would like to attend.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



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