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The Child and Family Guidance Center (CFGC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, proactively creates wellness through innovative mental health services, prevention and early intervention programs.

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Most of us feel mortified when our child hits another child. We may know intellectually that he’s lashing out because he’s overwhelmed or scared, but we still feel like it’s an emergency. His aggression triggers our “fight or flight” response — and suddenly our own child looks like the enemy. We feel an urgent need […]

Parents are often surprised to hear that I don’t believe in most of what we think of as discipline (spankings, consequences, timeouts) because it keeps kids from becoming responsible, self-disciplined people. “How will my child learn how to behave?” they ask. My answer is that children learn what they live. The most effective way to […]

The link between self-esteem and depression has been established in many studies. But does depression cause low self-esteem or does low self-esteem cause depression? Read original article…


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