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The Child and Family Guidance Center (CFGC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, proactively creates wellness through innovative mental health services, prevention and early intervention programs.

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It’s true. ADHD is now the only term used, but it’s broken up into three different classifications. A person can have “Inattentive ADHD,” “Hyperactive ADHD,” or “Combined ADHD.” I want to explain the differences of these to you because it’s important for people to be properly informed. The general public is still using the term […]

How often have you heard parents say, “My kid won’t do what I ask him to do!  He just won’t cooperate!”   People often use the term “cooperate” when they really mean “comply”.   Co-operation means to co-operate: “co” means “together”; “operate” means “act”.  “Co-operate” means to “act together toward a common goal”.  For example, if you […]

How common is depression in children? Depression occurs in 1-2% of children before puberty.You can even see depression in preschoolers, although it’s much less common. That usually occurs when there’s a strong family history of depression. After puberty the rate of depression increases significantly to about 3-8%, with a higher rate in girls than boys. […]


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