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The Child and Family Guidance Center (CFGC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, proactively creates wellness through innovative mental health services, prevention and early intervention programs.

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Kids want and expect their parents to provide structure and make key family decisions. It helps them feel safe. While it’s great to give kids a say in things, too many or too big of choices can overwhelm them or put too much pressure on them. Give young children the choice between only two things. […]

One very hot summer day I was outside with my then two-year-old son. To me, it seemed like a perfect day to fill up the kiddie pool and let him splash around, so that is exactly what I did. My son, however, was much more interested in sitting on the front step of the house, […]

Banter, or informal and spontaneous chatting, gossiping, joking, and storytelling, can be incredibly beneficial for young children. Researchers Betty Hart and Todd Risley found that daily exchanges between a parent and a child shape language and vocabulary development. Informal talking with children (banter) expanded children’s knowledge and skills, and had lasting effects on their performance […]


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